Wednesday, July 8, 2009

(Jays 1 - Rays 3)

It seems that, over the past 2 years, either the absence of VW or the unproductiveness of VW correlates with the Jays winning more games (i.e. Jays best months in '08 were with Wells on DL. Wells in July '09 : OBS - 1.206. Jays W-L in July '09: 2 - 4). Is it simply impossible to be happy with both Vernon Wells and the Jays at the same time?


eyebleaf said...

Yes, it's impossible.

QJays said...

Poop - so it's true.

Ian H. said...

It really is a love/hate relationship isn't it? Well, I guess we're in it for the long haul - may as well get used to this whole up & down rollercoaster swings.