Sunday, October 4, 2009

2 final days (Jays 3 - Orioles 6) (Jays 4 - Orioles 5)

What looked like a very solid end to the season 4 days ago now looks like ... something very NOT solid. So with a sweep at the hands of the mighty Orioles fresh in your mind, who (beside Brandon League and his inability to throw a baseball ... twice) is not coming back?


Ian H. said...

Very very strange - the Jays sweep one of the best teams in the majors, then get swept by one of the worst. It's a tough pill to swallow, but basically encapsulates how badly things have gone this year.

eyebleaf said...


QJays said...


This just in:

Kevin Millar has come to Gaston's defense, stating "Gaston is a great manager ... possibly the best mind in the game. Anybody on this team who doesn't want to play under him (including guys like Ruiz and his 1.020 OPS) can get lost. I'll happily take their spot in the line-up, so long as it isn't lower than #5."

Gaston later stated "I'm more than cool with that."