Thursday, November 5, 2009


Don't you hate it when the most probable outcome happens?


Ian H. said...

I wish it could have at least gone to a game seven, but then the Yankees celebration would have been ever bigger.

eyebleaf said...

The best part was Jeter saying "we played the game the right way."

What a load of shit.

QJays said...

If by "the right way" he means getting on base, hitting for extra bases, getting solid pitching outings (aside from Burnett's turd) and not making errors - I can agree with that. I'm not normally one for generalizations, but when a team wins, it played the right way. "Righter", at least, than the loser. I've yet to see someone observe a team that is losing and say "Yeah, but at least they play the right way."
I miss baseball and all the stupid things people say about it. (dramatically wipes tear away)