Sunday, June 21, 2009

(Jays 3 - Nationals 5)

(Sorry for the exclusionary nature of this one, but it's that day.) Love baseball: (a) because of, or (b) in spite of, your dad?


eyebleaf said...

A: because of my dad.

My pops is an immigrant, and he took us to games all the time as kids, but he never took a liking to the game, or the team. But that didn't matter. That didn't stop him from taking us to numerous games a year. Thanks, pops.

QJays said...

My dad played as a kid and into his late teens, and was always good for watching a game when I was a kid. I started watching with him during the 1985 Jays run that ended with Saberhagen and the Royals. For the next few years, I would bug him with endless questions while watching games. A few years and numerous books and baseball cards later, I would bug him with endless information while watching games. It was a long time before I learned the lesson that some of the Jays announcers still need to learn -- sometimes you just need to shut up and watch the game.
Anyway, thanks dad - those were good times. Glad we got to see the Jays win their first World Series in my final October at home.

GB said...

A: Because of my Dad, but even more so because of my two sons who were baseball freaks.