Tuesday, June 23, 2009

(Reds 5 - Jays 7)

Bye bye Carlson? If so, who comes up?


eyebleaf said...

Anyone but Brian Wolfe. And Brian Burress.

Bullington's ERA down on the farm isn't too bad, 3.78 in 33 innings.

Purcey's ERA in 61 innings is 3.79. I know they don't want him coming out the pen, but I must say I'm surprised by that low number. The WHIP, 1.39, is lower than Mills and Cecil.

The fuck happened to Carlson? And League? Weak. Thank heavens for The Sausage King.

QJays said...

It's crazy how we went from our bullpen being our best asset to ... this. I know it's a lot of young guys, and there is a reason why they are pitching middle relief, but these guys are all roller coaster cases.

Ian H. said...

What about Fabio Castro? I'm surprised his name hasn't come up yet.