Saturday, June 13, 2009

(Marlins 7 - Jays 3)

In the end, which was worse - the shock of seeing Halladay go down to injury, or the long, slow and repetitive going down of Wells in each plate appearance?


Anonymous said...

Both are terrible, the Jays do not have a chance of making the playoffs with Holliday out for any period of time, or Wells hitting like he is for the rest of the year.

QJays said...

For the record, Wells first 3 at bats were 3 strikeouts (1 swing, 1 tip, 1 watch) That’s like striking out for the cycle. Welcome to the #3 slot.

Anonymous said...

The question is whether no news about Holiday is good or bad news?

QJays said... reporting that Halladay will not be on the DL, and could be ready in a little as a week. Hard to say if this is just a "good" story to change the focus from yet another 0 for 5 day from V-dub. (Only 1 strikeout is progress, right? RIGHT?)